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This research was conducted to calculate the runway capacity owned by runways at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Since the inauguration of Runway 3 (06&24) in early 2020, there has been no calculation and re-analysis regarding the calculation of runway capacity. This research was carried out at the Perum LPPNPI (Airnav Indonesia) Main Branch of the Jakarta Air Traffic Service Center and the data processing was carried out at the Indonesian Aviation Polytechnic Curug - Tangerang. This study uses a quantitative method with the runway capacity calculation model used the Doratask model adopted by Perum LPPNPI (Airnav Indonesia) in the Runway Capacity Calculation Manual. The research population is category C and D fixed-wing aircraft using runways 24 and 25R. While the sample in this study was all category C and D aircraft using runways 24 and 25R during peak hours. Data collection techniques used are observation, documentation studies, and interviews. The results of this study indicate that runways 24 and 25R have a capacity of 44 aircraft movements per hour. Researchers suggest that further studies are needed regarding the overall runway capacity value at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport as an effort to apply the principles of air traffic flow management (ATFM) to reduce delays and costs.

Keywords: Runway capacity, Runway occupancy time, Doratask


Runway capacity Runway occupancy time Doratask

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Ahmad Faridhan Juniawan, Rosmayanti, L., & Yudha Abimanyu. (2023). ANALISIS RUNWAY CAPACITY PADA RUNWAY 24 DAN 25R DI BANDAR UDARA INTERNASIONAL SOEKARNO-HATTA. Jurnal Penelitian, 8(3), 247–256.