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 Aluminum 2024-T42 is a type of Aluminum series 2024-T3 that has gone through a change in aluminum type to Aluminum series 2024-T42 by going through the Natural Aging type Heat Treatment process. In alauminum, the Anodizing process can also be carried out. That


Pengaruh Anodizing Terhadap Sifat Mekanis, Konduktivitas Dan Struktur Mikro Alumunium



is the coating process on the surface of aluminum to avoid corosi, the anodizing process can also affect the mechanical properties of the aluminum. This study was carried out to determine the mechanical properties of aluminum after being given anodizing to find out whether there are changes in mechanical properties by carrying out tests of vikers, conductivity, and micro hardness after conducting testing whether it has increased whether it has decreased. With this research, it is expected to determine the mechanical properties of the 2024-T42 series Aluminum after being given Anodizing with a type of time of 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 50 minutes, 60 minutes with a strong current of 24 volts, 3 amperes. From the results of this test and research, which resulted in testing the hardness of the vikers the anodizing process on average increased by 8.5% with the highest value was 80.03 HVN with a time of 60 minutes, for testing Conductivity with 0 Anodizing of 35.01 and experienced an increase in the Anodizing process with a time of 60 minutes of 35.65 with an average increase of 35.2%. For Microstructure test results without anodizing and with anodizing undergo microstructure changes at each test time. So it can be concluded that the anodizing process in aluminum can affect the mechanical properties of the aluminum.


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