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Through the use of a wireless sensor network for real-time monitoring and data transfer, this research builds a LoRa-based fire detection system. The system uses sensors to monitor temperature, fire, and smoke and transmits data to the Thingsboard platform. The study was carried out at Politeknik Negeri Medan with a campus-specific focus. The study of the features of sensors and LoRa networks, the design of prototypes, the testing of systems, and the analysis of data are all part of the research, which employs the Research and Development model and experimental methodologies. According to test results, the built-in system can detect smoke, temperature, and fire at a minimum distance of 2 meters, and the LoRa range can reach 110 meters at a power of 10 dBm.


Fire; ; IoT; LoRa; multipoint; realtime

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Manik, C. T. S., Hutajulu, E. ., & Banurea, W. . (2023). PEMANFAATAN JARINGAN KOMUNIKASI LoRa BERBASIS IoT DALAM SISTEM DETEKSI KEBAKARAN DINI. Jurnal Penelitian, 8(3), 258–263.