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Supadio International Airport is a military enclave airport. ATC personnel are required to understand every exercise that will be carried out by the Hawk aircraft. The purpose of this study is to determine the level of relationship and the amount of contribution that the understanding of LOCA coordination and guidance on the HAWK 100/200 has made to aviation safety. In measuring ATC's understanding of LOCA, researchers used a true-false test. Sampling the non-probability side (all ATC personnel, totaling 37 people). It can be concluded that aviation safety is at moderate level, with a Spearman rank correlation coefficient of 0.5433. ATC's understanding of the LOCA contributed to Aviation Safety by 29.5%.


ATC keselamatan penerbangan aktifitas penerbangan militer

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Lestary, D., Mamapar Parhusip, A. ., Ayudyah Febianti, A. ., & Rizkina Aswia, P. . (2023). THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN UNDERSTANDING LOCA CONTROL OF HAWK 100/200 AND AVIATION SAFETY AT AIRNAV PONTIANAK BRANCH. Jurnal Penelitian, 8(3), 189–201.