Approach Journal of Aviation Scientific applies the following review process policy:

  1. Manuscripts submitted by authors will undergo a review process by the editor, primarily checking the suitability of the manuscript with the journal's scope and adherence to the journal's template. During this process, the editor will communicate with the author to ensure the manuscript is suitable for further review by reviewers or possibly returned or declined.

  2. Manuscripts that have passed the initial review stage will be sent to two reviewers for blind review, where the reviewers' identities are kept confidential. The content of the manuscript will be evaluated using blind review methods.

  3. To maintain the level of plagiarism below the journal's requirements, Langit Biru Journal of Aviation Scientific utilizes the Turnitin software as a tool to check for plagiarism.

  4. The review process will consider novelty, objectivity, methodology, scientific impact, conclusions, and references.

  5. Reviewers will provide suggestions for improvements and either accept or reject the article based on their evaluation.

  6. The editor will make the final decision, taking into consideration the recommendations from the reviewers, on whether the manuscript meets the requirements of Langit Biru Journal of Aviation Scientific.

  7. The editor's decision is final.

This review process ensures that the manuscripts published in Approach Journal of Aviation Scientific meet the journal's standards and contribute to the advancement of aviation scientific knowledge.