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Interest in learning is a very important aspect of learning. However, to increase cadets' interest in learning in the classroom, educators need to implement interactive learning strategies. One of the important aspects of building interactive learning is interactive communication. To build interactive communication, educators need to have good public speaking skills. Even in this all-digital era, where technology is growing, conventional learning is slowly shifting to e-learning, educators must still have good public speaking skills. However, very few previous studies have discussed the public speaking skills of educators, especially the difficulties experienced by educators in public speaking. In fact, skills in public speaking are important things that must be possessed by an educator in carrying out learning in the classroom. This study aims to find out the relationship between public speaking skills when teaching and find out how to solve cadets' problems and notify the results of their learning. The author uses a quantitative approach and is carried out at the Surabaya Aviation Polytechnic


Problem solving Public speaking Learning process

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Jualaihah, S., Fatmawati, Prasetya Wardhani, N., & Agus Furyanto, F. . (2023). The Relationship of Public Speaking Competencies of Lecturers to Problem Solving Ability and Learning Outcomes of Cadets. International Conference of Advance Transportation, Engineering, and Applied Science, 1(1), 17–20.