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Learning makes students the center of learning (student-centered), where students are encouraged and allowed to seek information from various sources, such as learning modules independently. Therefore, we need teaching material that can be used by students without depending on others in their learning. One of the learning media that can be used by students independently is the use of modules. The purpose of implementing this learning module is to determine the feasibility of learning modules that can be used in problem base learning methods and to determine the level of independent learning outcomes of students using practical learning modules. The method used in data collection is the library method collecting some written data from books, literature, and product trial results, as reference material and then analyzing solutions that can be taken in solving problems. The type of research used is the type of R & D research in producing modules and testing the use of the module using a one-group posttest-only design test for 20 students. The results of the study from data on learning outcomes of students who applied the PBL (problem-based learning) model using the spectrum analyzer module as a learning medium, the mean value in class EA-1 was 83.40 and EA-2 was 84.30. This value means that the average learning achievement of aircraft in class EA-1 is 83.40 and EA-2 is 84.30, so it can be concluded that aircraft learning outcomes in class EA-2 are higher than class EA-1 and the results of the calculation of the average difference test are two the data in Levene's Test for Equality of Variances column has a significant value of 0.384 (p>0.05) and F of 0.797, so it can be concluded that the two variances are the same. At equal variance assumed to compare the population average in the T-Test test, the t-value is 0.398 with a significant level of 0.695. These results indicate that p > 0.01, meaning that there is no difference in learning outcomes between classes EA-1 and EA-2.


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Sabur, F. ., Sukarman, S., Sadiatmi, R. ., & Nur, M. . (2023). Effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning Model The Use of the Spectrum Analyzer Teaching Materials Module on Student Learning Outcomes at the Aviation Polytechnic. International Conference of Advance Transportation, Engineering, and Applied Science, 1(1), 6–9.