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Mobility is very important for human life, but for those who have physical limitations such as the blind, mobility can be a big challenge. To help improve the mobility of the blind, the authors designed a distance detection stick based on an ultrasonic sensor. This distance detection stick uses an ultrasonic sensor and a microcontroller signal processor. Ultrasonic sensor work by emitting ultrasonic sound waves and then measuring the time it takes for these waves to bounce back form objects in front of them, From this measured time, the object's distance can be calculated and the information is sent to the signal processor. This distance detection stick is also equipped with additional features, such as sensor sensitivity settings and sound notifications to enhance user functionality and comfort. The test results show that this distance detection stick can provide accurate distance information and can assist the blind in their mobility. It is hoped that with this distance detection stick, the mobility of the blind can be increased and provide convenience in carrying out daily activities


Distance Detection Stick Ultrasonic Sensor Blind Mobility Arduino Uno

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