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Solar power generation (PLTS) is one of the most common renewable energy by utilizing sunlight radiation. Solar panel system or solar cell is one of the alternative uses of electrical energy that is environmentally friendly. Hang Nadim International Airport Batam has implemented the use of solar cells on perimeter lights. This solar perimeter light system needs to be maintained regularly so that the absorption of sunlight occurs optimally. In the experiment, cleaning the surface of the solar cell is done by using a ladder to reach the surface, but this method causes cleaning that is not optimal and has several disadvantages such as damage to the panel, risk of work accidents, difficulty in movement of technicians, etc. The maintenance carried out so far is still manual, namely by direct cleaning. Therefore, the researchers tried to design a microcontroller-based automatic solar cell cleaning system, which is expected to help technicians in carrying out solar cell maintenance.


Solar cell microcontroller maintenance

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