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Fifth generation (5G) cellular networks have evolved rapidly to address the demand for faster, reliable and scalable connectivity in today's digital era. One of the key aspects in this evolution is the utilization of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) to increase network capacity and performance. In this research, we focus on developing and evaluating the performance of triangular array MIMO antennas especially for applications in 5G networks. In this paper, we propose a triangular array MIMO antenna design approach that combines the advantages of triangular geometry with MIMO technology. We describe a design methodology involving antenna element selection, array configuration, and spatial arrangement. The influence of these parameters on system performance is explored through simulation and field-based testing. Our experimental results reveal that this triangular array MIMO antenna shows potential in increasing network capacity and reducing inter- channel interference. We analyze antenna performance in terms of signal gain, throughput capacity, connection stability and spectral enhancement. Compared to traditional MIMO antennas, this triangular approach provides a significant increase in terms of network capacity and carrying capacity. We also discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with the practical implementation of triangular array MIMO antennas in a 5G network environment. Factors such as physical size, energy efficiency and circuit complexity are studied to provide insight into optimal deployment scenarios. Overall, this study illustrates the potential of triangular array MIMO antennas as a promising solution to improve 5G network performance. Our results and findings can provide guidance for further developments in dealing with connectivity challenges in the modern wireless communications environment.


Triangular Array MIMO Antenna MMultiple-Input Multiple-Output Wireless Technology

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