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A generator set is a backup power supply that is used as a replacement for the main power supply. Conditions in the field when carrying out generator maintenance are checking the condition of the fuel tank and filling it manually. This research aims to maintain the power supply in the generator room which is still done manually, namely using a switch to turn on the pump which will supply oil to the generator engine. So this is not yet efficient, where refueling will be late if the PLN goes out and then officers carry out an activity outside the generator room, so that when the fuel runs out, refueling cannot be done. Technology is needed to be able to refuel generators automatically and can be monitored at any time via a smartphone. Researchers made a prototype tool using a flow meter sensor to measure water flow and an ultrasonic sensor to detect height. Then the control system uses an ESP 32 microcontroller which is integrated with wireless fidelity and can be controlled or monitored using a smartphone.


Genset mikrokontroller arduino IOT sensor

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