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Reading books are books that contain a collection of readings or information that can enhance the reader's knowledge of a particular subject. However, in this era of information technology, printed books and notes that fill a bag are likely to be a burden for some people. The habit of not taking notes in class during the teaching and learning process makes it difficult for students to remember and understand what is taught by the teachers. In fact, there are many books available for cadets in the library. However, these books are rarely used by the cadets. Based on the need situation described above, it is necessary to have supporting applications for cadets to better understand the material. This research has several stages, namely research preparation, data collection, system analysis, system design and testing, and implementation. The research uses the waterfall method with five stages, namely planning, analysis, design, implementation and testing. The researchers are trying to solve this problem by analysing and designing Android-based ebooks so that they are expected to be able to solve problems and support the learning process. This Android-based eBook is expected to meet the standards of suitability to support the learning process of cadets in the nautical study programme at North Sulawesi Shipping Polytechnic, and to be able to be used in a user-friendly manner. This Android-based eBook will be supported on any smartphone with an Android operating system, starting from the lowest version to the present.


eBook Android Cadet Application

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Rusman Rusman, Politeknik Pelayaran Sulawesi Utara




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