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the ship’s main engine is the main driving engine on the ship which contains various components. One of the components in the main engine that affects combustion is the injector. The function of the injector is to atomize the fuel that will enter the cylinder or combustion chamber. Considering the importance of injectors in the combustion process on board a ship, an analysis of the impact of lowering injector pressure was carries out. The purpose of this research is to provide comparative material for readers to understand the causes and impact of decreasing NH type injector pressure on the main propulsion engine on ships. In this research, the author used a qualitative descriptive method by collecting from observation, interviews and documentation. The research results found that causes of decreased injector pressure are less than optimal spring elasticity, leaking of the needle seat with nozzle needle and leaking of the nozzle body with the nozzle needle. This has an impact on the exhaust gas temperature increasing and Pmax on the main engine decreasing.


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Mutia Arum, D., Dwi Santoso, A., & Retno Gunarti, M. (2023). ANALISA DAMPAK TURUNNYA TEKANAN INJEKTOR TIPE NH PADA MESIN PENGGERAK UTAMA DU-SULZER 6RTA58T DI KAPAL MV. URMILA. Prosiding SNITP (Seminar Nasional Inovasi Teknologi Penerbangan), 7(1). Retrieved from