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Tjilik Riwut Airport provides flight traffic services, namely Aerodrome Control Tower (ADC) and Approach Control Procedure (APP). Tjilik Riwut Airport every day has a number of movements reaching 18-25 movements. The movements are traffic departure, arrival, and local flight. In providingservices, the main approach used for runway 34 is the Instrument Landing System (ILS). Tjilik Riwut Airport only has one runway and does not have a rapid exit taxiway so that aircraft that land to go to the apron must turn at the end of the runway or intersection taxiway. This has an impact on aircraft that approach afterwards have to wait. During the observation at Perum LPPNPI Palangkaraya Branch. Based on the Palangka Raya Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), there is no information related to Expected Approach Time (EAT) which is the estimated time given by ATC to delayed arrival aircraft tothen continue the Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP). In addition, in determining ATI, the author also added ROTL which affects the determination of Expected Approach Time to the aircraft. The observations that have been made aim to have a written basis that can be guided for all ATCs on duty for safety, smoothness, and flight efficiency.


Services Instrument Landing System (ILS) and straight in approach Standar Operating Procedure(SOP) Expected Approach Time (EAT) Rapid Exit Taxiway ROTL

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