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Handling regarding the recording and storage of found unclaimed goods in the airport terminal area is handled by two units related to the Aviation Security (AVSEC) unit and the Airpot Operation Landside, Terminal & Service Improvement (AOLTSI) unit, but until now the process of recording, documenting and the database related to item findings is still done manually and has not been integrated between the two related units, personnel often experience difficulties when searching for found item data if there are service users who report feeling left behind items at the airport. So that this causes the service process to service users at the airport is still not carried out optimally. This study aims to design a digital-based logbook that can improve the service of AVSEC and AOLTSI personnel to service users at airports. Thus this item finding data logbook system can be used on various platforms, there are no special specifications for software or hardware and of course this application runs flexibly anywhere and anytime online, so as to improve service to service users at airports.


Digital logbook Services Item findings

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Elisabeth Sitio, G., Nugraha, W., Parjan, P., & Komalasari, Y. (2023). RANCANGAN APLIKASI LF-GO (LOST AND FOUND GOODS) SEBAGAI LOGBOOK DATA TEMUAN BARANG BERBASIS DIGITAL DI BANDAR UDARA AHMAD YANI SEMARANG. Prosiding SNITP (Seminar Nasional Inovasi Teknologi Penerbangan), 7(1). Retrieved from