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Airport Baru Pohuwato is located in the north of Sulawesi Island, precisely in Imbodu Village, Randangan District, Pohuwato Regency, Gorontalo Province, with geographical coordinates 0o 27' 41.390" North Latitude (N) and 121o 48' 33.527" East Longitude (BT) and the axis of the Runway which has an azimuth of 90o.Pohuwato Airport has a strategic role in supporting efforts to increase the role of air transportation in relation to regional development in particular and national development in general. In accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Transportation Number KM 166 of 2019, Pohuwato Airport has a role as an Accessibility node on the island of Sulawesi, an economic gateway, transfer of modes of transportation, trade and tourism, support for disaster-prone areas, and acts as an airport that provides added value to national insight.

   At the construction of Pohuwato New Airport there is a problem of soil conditions that will be made part of the Runway, N-SPT Value The soil at a depth of 0 – 20m 4-8 is Pasiran clay soil – Medium Clay which requires special treatment. Referring to the results of the research experts, it was concluded that there was an elastic decrease of 0.602 m, and a consolidation decrease of 0.702 m which was not uniform without handling.

    Based on the results of the analysis with this method, it was found that the result of the elastic decrease was 0.212 m. with the thickness of the pile needed was 6 meters to reach the target elevation.therefore PVD planning, with a triangular configuration with the distance between PVD needed is 1.4 meters with a radius of PVD 0.74 meters and a depth of 17 meters. In this planning has a target land can be consolidated with PVD for 90 days.PVD planning requires a budget of Rp.15,137,203,180. these costs include PVD work (Prefabricated Vertical Drain), PHD job(Prefabricated Horizontal Drain,Quality Control and Landfill with Urug Land.


Prefabricated Vertical Drain Preloading Konfigurasi Konsolidasi

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