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The use and implementation of web server-based systems is currently very widely used in data processing in companies, in the world of aviation the use of web server systems is also very much needed. Ground check localizer is a measurement made using a PIR (Portable ILS Receiver). Parameter data results are recorded on paper and then input back to the computer so that it takes quite a long time to fill in the ground check results. In practice, ground check parameter data processing is currently still ineffective, because it takes quite a long time to fill in the ground check results. This study aims to solve this problem by inputting data using a smartphone  to  increase  efficiency,  both  in  terms  of  time  efficiency  and  data storage. This study uses the Waterfall method. The Waterfall method in question includes information gathering and analysis, design, implementation, and testing. The results of testing the web server input ground check localizer data with the results obtained, the web server can already be used as a control system and monitoring the results of ground check localizer data according to the author's expectations, the results of input data uploaded can be seen in the ground check report menu and can also be downloaded in PDF format so that the ground check implementation is more effective and efficient.


ground check localizer web server data input

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