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A Spectrum Analyzer is an instrumentation device capable of displaying and analyzing signal frequencies. This tool is crucial, but in practice, it comes with a high price tag, making it inaccessible to many individuals. One way to overcome this challenge is by creating something that can provide functionality similar to a spectrum analyzer at a relatively affordable cost. This way, it can be implemented and expected to serve as a tool to enhance the quality of learning. The research utilizes the research and development (R&D) method with the ADDIE development model. Additionally, this study employs RTL – SDR to process signals received by the antenna. The research process involves the use in Python programming language, which is then connected to RTL – SDR to generate signals. The spectrum produced by the system constructed with the factory-produced spectrum analyzer shows that obtained frequencies are well-receivedd in each respective spectrum. During the testing phase, we distributed a validity questionnaire covering various assessment aspects. The results showed an 86% suitability rating for the applications’s performance, equipment functionality and application design. Based on the validation results, it can be concluded that the design is suitable for use


Spectrum Analyzer Python Pytho LTR – SDR

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