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VHF Air to Ground (VHF A/G) is a radio communication equipment used as a means of communication between the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) and the pilot. If communication is lost between the controller and the pilot, it will be fatal and can endanger flight safety. Therefore, the authors designed a monitoring in order to minimize the risk of this incident.

VHF A/G radio operating at the Banjarmasin branch company of Airnav already has a monitoring system. However, currently the radio monitoring used can only display the status of the equipment. So that a design is carried out that can display the status, parameters, changeover, alarm and alarm sound when a fault occurs on the radio. The existence of this monitoring control can help technicians to see a more detailed status with the help of parameter readings according to the radio, and can immediately make changeovers if there are parameters that are close to the alarm tolerance limit. So that technicians can anticipate radio communication interruptions (shutdowns) caused by alarms and this allows the equipment to continue operating normally.

The results of the design show that testing status, parameters, alarms and setting the value of parameter types can also be displayed at the same time equipped with a sound system when the alarm sounds. Switching between TX1 and TX2 is possible. And then, there are delay when the user change the setting and changeover between 1,5 second until 3.7 second


VHF A/G monitoring, alarm changeover parameter

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