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The threat of cyber attacks is a serious problem for network security,. The consequences of a cyber attack can have a big impact, even disrupting network performance or even taking over its control, for example on the Surabaya Aviation Polytechnic campus network that serves public services. Telegram-based network security system monitoring on the Local Area Network at the Aviation Polytechnic of Surabaya is one of the first steps in preventing attacks that have the potential to damage the network. by designing a system to detect and provide early warning of possible attacks. This allows the administrator to immediately take preventive and countermeasures against the attack. The method used in this research uses the ADDIE development method.


Telegram Bot IDS IPS Network Security Honeypot

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Fathin Al Hamid, R., Pambudiyatno, N., & Warsito, T. (2023). MONITORING SISTEM KEAMANAN JARINGAN BERBASIS TELEGRAM PADA LOCAL AREA NETWORK DI POLITEKNIK PENERBANGAN SURABAYA. Prosiding SNITP (Seminar Nasional Inovasi Teknologi Penerbangan), 7(1). Retrieved from