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In flight data communication requires a transmission medium as a sender and receiver of information data, one of which is usingradiolinkwith the working principle of using two antennas, transmitting to each otherpoint to point withLine of Sight to exchange data. A problem occurredLoss connection antennaradiolink padaMedan Kualanamu airport caused by gusts of wind due to bad weather. This makes the author interested in designingprototype position adjuster aspointing radiolink basedinternet  of thing so that the technician does not need to climb to control the tool because it can be controlled viasmartphone. The method used is

4D(define, design, develop, disseminate) but adapted to 3D by removing disseminate. This method can make designing easierprotoype position adjuster aspointing radiolink. The results showed that the function of the tool, the software, the practicality of the tool and the design were considered feasible to use, with a product validation score of 94% and being in the criteria of strongly agreeing with the statement that it could be used with additional revisions. This shows that this tool can be developed in further research.


Position Adjuster , Radiolink Pointing Blynk

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