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To ensure the smooth operation of the flight, safety and security is the main responsibility. Aviation Security is a condition that provides protection to flights from unlawful acts through the integrated use of human resources, facilities, and procedures. Limited human resources make some security areas cannot be directly guarded by the security forces or the security forces. One of the security programs carried out in limited areas at the airport is only limited to periodic patrols and surveillance through CCTV. Thus, supervision is not monitored directly. So the supervisory function becomes less effective and efficient because it is unable to prevent crimes that occur. The purpose of this design is to design a monitoring system design so that it can help improve security and be able to monitor remotely in real-time. This camera will be programed to detect objects that exist, namely humans. When humans are detected, the Raspberry Pi 3b microcomputer will be integrated by sending object data to the smartphone. The results of the object data will be received by security via Telegram. If the object is indicated as a dangerous security, it can go directly to the location and carry out the command to turn on or turn off the Buzzer alarm that has been programmed through the Telegram Botfather.


Surveillance System Security Human Detection Telegram Mobile Shelter

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