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Online exams are exams that are conducted online or remotely and can be done anywhere and anytime. With an online exam system, the opportunity to commit fraud can still be reached by examinees such as opening online search access (Google) to find answers, things like this are the background why this research was made. This type of research is applied research or design with a theme raised by the online exam monitoring platform. The purpose of this study is to find out how to design, know the concept of work, and how to operate the online exam monitoring website during the exam. The research method used is the RnD (Research and Development) research method with the 4D development model (Define, Design, Develop, Disseminate), with testing techniques using unit testing and expert validation. The results of the research on how to design a monitoring platform using PHP programming with the Laravel framework and MySQL database, for the working concept of the exam monitoring platform, namely supervisors can monitor the exam in real-time, if participants indicate cheating by opening a new tab during the exam, the exam cannot be continued until the participant applies for access to the server. How to operate the monitoring platform, namely logging into the website then selecting the participant monitoring section, then supervisors can monitor the exam and will get notifications if there are participants who commit acts of fraud.


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