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This study aims to determine the analysis of the mixed navigation environment system on the ATC workload after the implementation of RNP-1 at Perum LPPNPI Lampung sub-branch office. The research sample used was a saturated sample because the total population was not greater than 10 people, so it was taken from the entire population in the ADC/APP combined service service unit. The object is directed at ATC at the ADC/APP service unit combined with services at Perum LPPNPI, Lampung Sub-Branch Office.

               The research method used is a qualitative method. In addition, the data collection method used in this study is the method of observation, questionnaires and interviews as a data collection tool at Radin Inten II Airport Lampung.

               Based on the results of the study, the average Likert scale questionnaire results obtained a value of 90% and it can be concluded that ATC respondents strongly agree that the mixed navigation environment system can increase the workload of the air traffic controller at Perum LPPNPI, Lampung Sub-Branch.


Workload RNP-1 mixed navigation system environment Air Traffic Controller

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