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The establishment of services between the Aetonautical Communication Officer (ACO) and effective and efficient units is something that is mandatory and indispensable in an effort to provide safe, fast and regular flight traffic services aimed at supporting flight safety. Many factors in aviation traffic services can affect flight safety, these factors come from human resources and workloads which are regulated in such a way as to the standards set in order to create safe, fast and orderly traffic services.

The research method used is to perform data collection techniques taken from observations, interviews, and documents from the observations. The processed data is then analyzed descriptively and qualitatively.

The results of the research that the author has done, there is an imbalance between the workload and the number of personnel that can cause the personnel to experience stress or stress, so the authors feel the need to provide suggestions and problems that can at least be a solution that can be applied so that it can make Perum LPPNPI Branch MATSC become more good for the future.


personnel workload service

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